How to choose the perfect vase for your flowers?

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Mar. 28, 2022

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Matching flowers to the perfect vase is an art. Find the right ones and you can create a real impact, even if it's just a few simple flowers. Here, we share our guide to the top five vases every flower lover should have, and share our expertise on how to pair them perfectly with your flowers.

Important tips for choosing the perfect vase

The first thing to know is that size matters when choosing the perfect vase. As a general rule of thumb, stems should not be longer than one and a half to two times the height of the vase chosen.

And the height of the vase, look at the opening. If the neck is too wide, it may not provide enough support for the stem, and you may lose the shape of the alignment. Openings that are too narrow can limit bouquet design or even damage stems.

Cylinder vase

Choose a tall, thin column vase to show off the elegance of long-stemmed flowers such as lilies, gladiolas and sunflowers. This is also ideal for displaying decorative branches or twigs, as narrower vases provide great structure and keep everything looking stylish and controlled.

The sandglass vase

Hourglass vases are versatile and a true cabinet staple. This kind of vase is especially suitable for short stemmed, large round flowers with heads, such as roses, hydrangeas and peonies. Wide at the base, narrow in the middle and slightly splayed at the top, the curvaceous style will really accentuate the sexy shape of your flower.

Round vase

Round or fishbowl shaped vases aren't suitable for all flowers, but when filled with tight structures like tulips, gerbera chrysanthemums or roses -- or mixed with hand-knotting, it looks like a real treat. The trick is to cut the stems to vase height so they can stand proudly, then stimulate the flower heads to create the ornate dome-like effect.

Bud vase

Bud vases are best for displaying a single stem or a cluster of tiny flowers. If you don't have anything on hand, a set of jam jars or milk bottles will do. Mismatched miniature vases like these are a great way to decorate the dining table because they don't get in the way of conversation. A Or why not put one on your nightstand to brighten up your morning?

Rectangular vase

Rectangular vases look great in modern interiors. They are also ideal when you want to cluster single stems like daffodils or tulips because the flowers have room to unfold.

Try different vase fillers

Traditionally, a large vase was used only to hold flowers and plants, but that is no longer the case. If you want to bring some panache and elegance to your home, try some different vase fillers to make the space look more unique and elegant.

Some unique decorative vase filling ideas are:

Jelly beads: One of the most popular and popular vase fillers is jelly or glass beads. They have bright and unusual colors. You can arrange a variety of small, tall vases filled with it to keep them together.

Pebbles: Vases filled with river stones are perfect for your nature lover. Take a big, stupid vase and fill it halfway with pebbles. Then add colorful plants and flowers to provide the perfect effect.

Grains: For a vase near the kitchenette or a jar proudly perched on top of the fridge, fill it with natural elements like spices and grains to make it an undeniable focal point in your home.

Candles: Place several candles of different heights in the vase for sheer elegance and elegance. It is recommended not to place candles directly, but on rocks or artificial grass.

Decorating vases really livens up the house, doesn't it? It's always a great idea to decorate your home with great vases.




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