What is Brass wire mesh?

Author: Geym

Dec. 15, 2022

Minerals & Metallurgy

Brass wire mesh is made of copper wire divided into warp and weft cross weave, the mesh is generally square hole, size 1 mesh - 200 mesh. It is used for sieving various granules, powder, porcelain clay and glass, porcelain printing, filtering liquid, gas, etc. It has excellent abrasion resistance and tensile strength due to the addition of the right amount of zinc. We specialize in manufacturing brass wire mesh and have obtained a series of related certificates, welcome to contact us.

Features of copper brass wire mesh

1. With good corrosion and wear resistance, brass wire mesh has appropriate tensile and elongation, mesh often to the number of warp threads per inch for the number of mesh. The smaller the mesh number, the larger the mesh, the better the water filtering performance.

2. Beautiful appearance, unique golden color makes it attractive

3. Strong plasticity

4. Recyclable, long service life

Application of brass wire mesh

Brass is versatile enough to complement most themes, including modern, traditional and rustic decor. In our antique brass plated wire mesh, the steel is coated with a lustrous antique brass color that looks great in interior vents, cabinets and entertainment centers.

1. to be made into various filters to filter and sieve some liquids, powders, etc.

2. as insect-proof mesh.

3. used as partitions, lampshades, ceilings, screens, decorative designs, etc.

4. It can be designed as artwork, such as various decorative lamps.

When used outdoors, just 6 months brass may discolor with time, so we need to maintain it regularly. Generally you can prevent discoloration by painting, waxing or giving oil regularly to protect it from atmospheric conditions. Looking for more products? We also offer stainless steel wire meshgabion wire mesh and more.




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