Who uses an ozone generator for car cleanup?

Author: Hou

Dec. 02, 2022


Ozone generators are known for their use in indoor spaces primarily. Using an ozone generator for removing mold and tough odors inside a car or truck is quite popular too, however.


What is a car ozone generator?

A car ozone generator is just like any other ozone generator. They function the same, and they all do the same thing: kill bacteria, mold and smells that just cant seem to be treated any other way.


Their main difference is in their size. While professional, commercial and home ozone generators are made to treat large areas, those for automobiles and RVs are not. Theres simply far less area to treat.


Our pick for best ozone generator for car use isnt one that is earmarked for vehicular use exclusively. And, it would serve small indoor spaces just as well.


Vehicle interiors are just as prone to having pathogens, bacteria, mold and other pollutants as any enclosed space. Studies by microbiologists have cited them as being alarming, in fact! Ozone generators kill bacteria, mold and eliminate odors through the process of generating ozone from oxygen. While there are some ozone machines that have automotive, car, RV or vehicle in their name, there isnt anything specialized about them.


What are they used for?

Automotive ozone generators perform take on the same work that their indoor counterparts do, including:


Removing mold from carpet, seats, trim, headliner or the cars air conditioning system

Treating a vehicle which has been waterlogged or subject to flooding

Reducing or eliminating tobacco smoke smell inside an RV, truck or car

Treating other persistent odors in vehicles

One thing we did want to be clear about: ozone machines or generators do not remove airborne particles, including the mold they kill, like air scrubber would. They also arent capable of drying out a damp, humid or waterlogged vehicle. That job is suited for a commercial dehumidifier.


Who uses ozone generators for cars and other vehicles?

Car detailers

Automotive restorers and collectors

Car dealerships and brokers


How long should an ozone generator be run in a car?

Regardless of use, consult the manufacturer of the ozone generator you own, rent or buy. Why? It depends on the ozone output of the machine itself. Our recommended ozone generator for car use is not the smallest one you can find and produces 300 mg/h of ozone.


Other models produce less, and many produce more ozone.



Regardless of which ozone generator you rent, borrow or buy, do realize that humans and animals should never be in a closed environment that is generating any significant amount of ozone.


Among our recommended ozone generators a few boast the ability to be run with people, pets or animals in the same enclosed space. If you read the directions, this is only recommended when the ozone generation is disabled and the unit is only purifying the air with its UV bulb.




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