Benefits of a Roof Top Tent

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Dec. 10, 2022


Today, many owners of roof top tents talk about how the high ground resonates with them on a primal level. Perhaps it recalls childhood and the love of treehouses - or in our minds, when we sleep in trees so that we can observe our surroundings from a safe vantage point before drifting off to dreamland.


Benefits of a rooftop tent


Easy pitching: designed for quick set-up. Once inside the campsite, you untie a few straps to open it up and unfold the poles and ladders.


Sturdy construction: in general, the floor, tent fabric and pole materials are particularly robust and able to withstand stormy weather.


Comfort: most are equipped with extra-long plush foam mattresses.

Camping anywhere: camp anywhere in campsites, car parks, remote dirt roads, etc.

Camping on the ground: keep your tent floor clear of rainwater run-off, creepy crawly creatures and rocks and tree branches.

Camping on a level surface: strategically placed blocks or rocks under your tyres can help keep you on an even keel.


Car Roof Tent

Car Roof Tent

Installing a roof tent for your vehicle


Most roof tents weigh over a hundred pounds, so you need to make sure your rack is up to the task. If you don't already have a roof rack, you will need to consider the weight of the tent when purchasing a rack to use as its base. The specifications you need are not always easy to find, so you may have to contact your vehicle manufacturer and the rack manufacturer directly to get the information you need.


To check if the roof tent is suitable for your vehicle, check the following information.


Total weight of the tent: this should be in the product specification of the tent.

Dynamic weight capacity of the vehicle and racks: this measures your ability to support the weight of the tent while driving.


You will need to verify this specification for your vehicle and roof racks. Therefore, if you are placing your tent on a separately purchased roof rack, you must check your vehicle owner's manual for the dynamic load capacity of the roof and your rack owner's manual for the same specification.

100% Polyester Hexgonal Mesh Fabric for Tent

100% Polyester Hexgonal Mesh Fabric for Tent

Rack compatibility: check the user manual to ensure that your rack works with the roof tent. (Some racks/components are listed as "incompatible".)

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Static load capacity: the ability of the rack (and roof) to support its specified number of sleepers and their equipment is usually not an issue. Most roofs have been designed to withstand the loads associated with rollover accidents. Add to this the load distribution provided by a sturdy tent floor platform and the additional support provided by a ladder and you have a very robust structure. That said, you still need to be sure that the static load-bearing capacity on your vehicle and racks can support the weight of your tent and everyone in it and their sleeping gear.


Attaching the tent to the roof rack


Although set up is a breeze once you have driven your vehicle into the campsite, the initial process of bolting the tent to the roof rack will take some time. Read and follow all the installation instructions provided carefully. And you'll need at least one strong partner nearby, as you'll need help to lift the tent onto the roof rack.


Other shopping considerations


An important factor is to determine which tent models will be suitable for the load capacity of your frame. After this, you will need to consider a number of things.


Accessories and awnings: some models include extended living space or coverage areas; some tents give you the option to add them later.

100% Polyester Hexgonal Mesh Fabric for Tent

100% Polyester Hexgonal Mesh Fabric for Tent

Durability rating: while all roof tents are very robust, some brands offer ultra-rugged models designed for extended trips in extreme climates. Some brands also offer a full mesh roof tent as an option.


Hard top: fabric models are more affordable; a hard top gives you fuller protection while driving.


Shipping: Buying in-store is an easy solution, but some models may only be available online. Because it is a heavy item, shipping to your home can be costly, so look for solutions such as REI's free shipping to the shop option.


Try before you buy: finding a place to rent a rooftop tent takes some research, but it can pay off - as your most important consideration is deciding if this upgraded version of van life is right for you.


Other tents that attach to your vehicle


Innovation in the field of tents that attach to the top of your vehicle has led to brands creating alternatives that attach to other parts of your vehicle, such as the rear fender of an SUV or the bed of a pick-up truck. The beauty of some of these setups is that they allow you to set up your tent and then drive the vehicle away for day trips.


Are you interested in learning more about best car roof tent for sales and how they can benefit you? Contact us today to secure an expert consultation!

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