What is a Haze Machine and why is it important?

Author: Polly

May. 27, 2024

What is a Haze Machine and why is it important?

I&#;ve written this short article to explain why we ask one of the questions in our booking form:

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&#;Does the venue allow the use of haze?&#;

So you might be wondering:

What is haze? What is it&#;s purpose? Is it a noisy, obtrusive fog machine? 

A haze machine is not the same as a fog/smoke machine, haze is a very thin mist that is spread around the room.

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A number of &#;venues&#; do not allow this as they have the wrong type of fire detector fitted. Haze will set off particle or optical detectors. Any real venue worth its salt will have hybrid or heat only detectors fitted. 

Most large venues such as hotels & conference centres can isolate a room or switch a room to heat only detection thus allowing us to bring in and use the haze machine. Most older venues & barn/farm or marquee venues do not require fire detectors to be fitted, however I still know of some that do!

What is the purpose of a haze machine?

The difference haze makes to the lighting cannot be understated

I will demonstrate this to you below:

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